PhenoPred is a web-based tool designed to detect novel gene-disease associations in humans. It is based on known gene-disease associations, protein-protein interaction data, protein functional annotation at a molecular level and protein sequence data. Machine learning principles are used to integrate heterogeneous data sources. PhenoPred can be used to prioritize genes based on their likelihood to be associated with a given disease or to prioritize diseases for a given query gene.

PhenoPred is based on HUGO Gene Nomenclature for gene names and Disease Ontology (DO) for the names of diseases. DO is based on International Classification of Diseases (ICD-9) maintained by the World Health Organization.
The PhenoPred web service was developed by Brandon Peters and Wyatt Clark. In citing the PhenoPred software, please refer to:

Radivojac P, Peng K, Clark WT, Peters BJ, Mohan A, Boyle SM, Mooney SD. An integrated approach to inferring gene-disease associations in humans. Proteins. 2008; 72(3):1030-1037. PubMed

Please direct all comments and suggestions to Predrag Radivojac.
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